Thursday, May 04, 2006

UH 330 Media Review No. 7

Sometimes the things left unsaid ring the loudest. I’ve noticed many times over the past several years that some media outlets will carry a story that seems important while others ignore it completely, as though it never happened. Sometimes it’s because the story isn’t really news at all, like when a local FOX affiliate ran a story on how Playboy had come to town, not a single other local news station covered that particular story.

CNN ran a story about one of the latest tapes released by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Presumably the video was some sort of recruiting video, but CNN tried to turn it into some sort of Iraq’s Funniest Home Videos. The article calls various scenes from the video “outtakes,” as though it were some sort of movie production, with actors cracking up as they tried to deliver their lines. But there’s no Robin Williams here. Major General Rick Lynch, who is presumably somehow connected with the raid that netted the video, calls al-Zarqawi “supposedly competent.” Of course, al-Zarqawi didn’t have US military training.

CNN lists, nearly ad nauseum, various problems al-Zarqawi and his cohorts had while making the video. Al-Zarqawi’s “trusted advisors” burn themselves after grabbing the barrel of a freshly fired machine gun. Al-Zarqawi is unable to get his automatic machine gun to shoot more than a single round at a time.

The article is apparently written by a former fluff reporter, with the writer gushing that al-Zarqawi was wearing white New Balance sneakers. Oh yes. Very important. Was he also wearing the latest Vera Wang? The reporter also astutely notes that the video that was released was probably meant to increase confidence in the anti-American cause. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Did the reporter expect al-Zarqawi to release a video proclaiming that America is the promised land?

But it’s not just the reporter who spouts tripe. Lynch rather sarcastically ponders how al-Zarqawi could be a leader with his gun skills. Because, as we all know, a leader must be able to competently perform all of the duties that his underlings must perform. I’m sure President Bush could accurately fire all the weapons that Major General Lynch can fire.


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